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MSc in Neural Systems and Computation


The MSc in Neural Systems and Computation provides transdisciplinary knowledge, skills, and a mindset to prepare researchers for their first decade of independent research, or a contribution to industry.

You will have the opportunity to be trained and mentored in the following areas:

  • systems neuroscience and the current understanding of how neural architectures give rise to sensory, motor and cognitive functions

  • neural computation and how theories of neural computation relate to the classical theory of computation

  • experimental techniques in neurobiology such as electrophysiology, optical imaging and electron microscopy

  • theories, methods, and algorithms employed in the computational analysis of neurobiological data

  • theory and design principles for the construction of neuromorphic hardware and of systems that interact intelligently with the world

The training covers how to:

  • conduct independent scientific research and complete a research project

  • analyze, evaluate, and summarize scientific literature and write a research proposal

  • present scientific research results in talks and written reports targeted at specialist, trans-disciplinary, and general audiences