NSC Student Body

As NSC students, we have enjoyed being part of this unique and diverse program with many opportunities. If you need advice to make the most of your time in the program and at UZH/ETH, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Contact us via: nscstudentbody@ini.lists.uzh.ch

From students, for students! There are no stupid questions: From questions about specific modules to life in Zurich, we are here to help regardless of whether you are just starting or in the middle of your studies.

  1. How do I book modules at ETH/UZH?

  2. Where do I get information about semester projects?

  3. What are Auflagenkurse?

As student body we are not just here to answer your questions but are also a contact point between students and INI. Feel free to address any questions or issues to us and we will be happy to help you find the right contact at the institute.

Outside of academic matters, life at INI also involves many social events. We will regularly organize activities for everyone to join (if COVID-measures allow).

If you are interested in becoming part of the student body, let us know!


Who we are

Name, Email, Joined, Background

Dominic Dall'Osto

Dominic Dall'Osto


Fall 2020, Engineering/Robotics

Enrique Cifuentes Cassalett

Enrique Cifuentes Cassalett


Spring 2022, Psychology/Physics

Iris Arianna Dorschel

Iris Arianna Dorschel


Fall 2020, Neuroscience/Biology


Léo de Riedmatten


Spring 2021, Artificial Intelligence


Lioba Schürmann


Fall 2021, Computer Science

Valentina Vogel

Valentina Vogel


Fall 2020, Psychology

Dominic Dall'Osto

Yassine Taoudi Benchekroun


Fall 2021, Biomedical Engineering




Javier Garcia Ordonez

Javier Garcia Ordonez

Graduated, Biomedical Engineering


Marina Morisod

Marina Morisod

Graduated, Bioengineering


Meghana Potta

Graduated, Computer Science


Réka Enz

Graduated, Cognitive Science