Elective Modules

Elective modules can be freely selected (with certain restrictions, see below) from the modules offered by the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. If you are in doubt about whether a course can be accredited, approval from the Masters Program Coordinator (nsc@ini.uzh.ch) must be sought before taking the respective course.


Students can (but do not have to) choose 2 of the 18 ECTS credits from any UZH or ETH module under the following restrictions:

  • Language courses for English, French, Italian, and Spanish are only accredited from Level B2 (Advanced) onwards. German language courses are only accredited from Level C2 onwards.
  • Courses designed to provide basic academic or professional skills cannot be accredited. This means that courses on subjects such as Business English, Presentation Skills, Authoring Academic Papers, Software Programming, Organizing One’s Work, etc., cannot be accredited as an Elective Module.

Suggested Elective Modules

The following is an incomplete list of UZH / ETH courses that may be selected as Elective Modules. Courses in physical, biological, engineering, and computational sciences not listed here may apply as Elective Modules as well. Every course listed under Elective Core Modules is also pre-approved as an Elective Module (but counts only for one category). Students are encouraged to consult with the Masters Program Coordinator (nsc@ini.uzh.ch) about the applicability of individual courses.


Sample Elective Courses (in categories):

Electrical Engineering, Signal Processing, and Applications

227-0147-00L:    Entwurf von hochintegrierten Schaltungen
227-0427-00L:    Signal and Information Processing: Modeling, Filtering, Learning
227-0116-00L: VLSI I: From Architectures to VLSI Circuits and FPGAs
227-0147-00L: VLSI II: Design of Very Large Scale Integration Circuits
227-0148-00L: VLSI III: Test and Fabrication of VLSI Circuits
151-0623-00L: Distinguished Seminar in Robotics, Systems, and Controls
376-0210-00L: Biomechatronics
151-0854-00L: Autonomous mobile robots
151-0306-00L: Visualization, Simulation and Interaction - Virtual Reality I
151-0317-00L Visualization, Simulation and Interaction - Virtual Reality II
263-34504-00L: Hardware Acceleration for Data processing
BMINF020 Vision Algorithms for Mobile Robotics 

Cognitive Science and Neuroeconomics

DOEC0133: Decision Neuroscience
MOEC0336: Principles of Neuroeconomics
BOEC0120: Introduction to Neuroeconomics & Social Neuroscience
DOEC0444: Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation for Neuroeconomics
200x704b: Current Topics in Cognitive Psychology
DOEC0023 Methods & Models for fMRI Data Analysis in Neuroeconomics (3 ECTS)
227-0969-00L Methods & Models for fMRI Analysis (6 ECTS)
DOEC0419 Computational Neuroimaging Clinic
DOEC0566 Computational Psychiatry
851-0252-02L Introduction to Cognitive Science
252-3005-00L  Natural Language Understanding

Computational Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence

227-1044-00:    Auditory Informatics
402-0588-00L:    Dynamische Systeme in der Biologie I: Mathematische Grundlagen
402-0805-00L:    Dynamische Systeme in der Biologie II: Anwendungen
252-0535-00: Machine Learning
151-0626-00L: Neural Networks
263-5210-00L: Probabilistic Artificial Intelligence
252-3005-00L: Introduction to Natural Language Processing
263-3210-00L: Deep Learning
263-5200-00L: Data Mining: Learning from Large Data Sets
252-0220-00L: Learning and Intelligent Systems
263-0008-000  Computational Intelligence Lab
252-3005-00L  Natural Language Understanding
151-0664-00L  Artificial Intelligence for Robotics
263-3010-00L Big Data
851-0252-03L  Cognition in Architecture - Designing Orientation and Navigation for Building Users
953 (WM) Understanding Memory: Perspectives from Cognitive Modeling
151-0664-00L  Artificial Intelligence for Robotics
263-5210-00L  Probabilistic Artificial Intelligence
Seminar: Advanced topics in machine learning
263-2400-00 Reliable and Interpretable Artificial Intelligence
252-0220-00L  Introduction to Machine Learning

Neuroscience and Biology

327-0703-00L: Electron Microscopy
551-0305-00L: Development of the Nervous System
551-0324-00L: Systems Biology
227-1047-00: The Neurobiology of Consciousness
551-0427-00L: Advanced Course in Neurobiology I
701-1418-00: Modeling course in population and evolutionary biology
251-0523-00L: Computational Biology
BIO 343: Structure, plasticity, and repair of the nervous system
BIO 402: Systems Neurobiology
BIO 434: Electrophysiological Recording Techniques
DOEC0133: Decision Neuroscience
551-0416-00L: Neurowissenschaften
227-0390-00L: Elements of Microscopy
376-1428-00L: Comparative Behavioural Neuroscience
376-1414-00L: Current Topics in Brain Research
851-0125-51L: Philosophy of Technology: Man and Machine
851-0125-52L: Central Questions in Bioethics
BIO 143: Neurobiologie
BIO 144 Physiologie und funktionelle Anatomie II
636-0002-00L Synthetic Biology I
BME 322: Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology
BIO 347 From Cells to Animals: Developmental cell biology

Clinical Neuroscience and Neurorehabilitation

376-1217-00L:    Rehabilitation Engineering I
376-1219-00L:    Rehabilitation Engineering II
376-1279-ooL:    Virtual Reality in Medicine
376-1306-00: Clinical Neuroscience
376-0300-00L    Translational Science for Health and Medicine

Computer and Computational Science, Programming

402-0981-00:    Computersimulationen sensorischer Systeme
402-0811-00:    Programmiertechniken für Physikalische Simulationen
251-0540-00L: Computational Science
ESC 403: Introduction to Data Science
SPI 301: Computergestütztes Experimentieren I
SPI 302: Computergestütztes Experimentieren II
SPI 201: Einsatz der Computersimulation in den Naturwissenschaften I
SPI 202: Einsatz der Computersimulation in den Naturwissenschaften II
851-0144-21L: Philosophical Issues and Problems in Theoretical Computer Science
263-3840-00 Hardware Architectures for Machine Learning
252-0579-00 3D Vision
529-0004-00L Computer Simulation in Chemistry, Biology and Physics
252-0206-00L Visual Computing
252-0417-00 Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Methods
252-1407-00 Algorithmic Game Theory
263-5902-00 Computer Vision
252-0543-01 Computer Graphics
252-0220-00L  Introduction to Machine Learning
227-0558-00L  Principles of Distributed Computing
252-0526-00L  Statistical Learning Theory

Mathematical Foundations

401-0603-00L:    Stochastik
227-1030-00: Complex Systems: Berechenbares Chaos in dynamischen Systemen
363-0588-00L: Complex Networks
252-0055-00L: Informationstheorie
376-1719-00L: Statistics for Experimental Research
151-0566-00L:  Recursive Estimation
401-3628-14L 40: Bayesian Statistics
401-0203-00L Mathematics
151-0532-00L Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos I
227-0434-10L  Mathematics of Information
401-3632-00L  Computational Statistic
STA120 Einführung in die Statistik
401-4632-15L Causality
401-3621-00L  Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics


402-0809-00L:    Introduction to Computational Physics
402-0577-00: Quantum Systems for Information Technology
402-0340-BSL: Medizinische Physik
402-0341-00L: Medizinische Physik I
402-0673-00L: Physics in Medical Research: From Humans to Cells
402-0207-00L: Theorie der Wärme
402-0204-00L  Electrodynamics
252-1403-00L  Invitation to Quantum Informatics
151-0530-00L  Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos II

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